Wednesday Jerk Technique

Ham Drill
Leg Swings
Banded Shoulder warm up
5 minutes assault bike

A) warm up muscle ups

Then 3-4 sets 5-7 ring muscle ups
B) Behind the neck jerk grip strict press + overhead squat: 6 x 3+3 @ by feel
-any sets with an empty bar will count as working sets
-3 second pause in the bottom of squat/rep
-if unable to do jerk grip overhead squat, step 1 is to
elevate heels, then widen hands if still needed…aim to
progress hands in elevation down as the sets go
C) Push Press . . .

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Warmup: Ham drill
Leg swings
banded shoulder warm up

A) Warm up pace:
1 k row. Easy.
50 n 50 ghd
B) barbell Mobility Complex:
1 round = 5 reps each, pausing for 2 seconds at each end range position, of:
-Good Mornings
-Back Squats
-Back Rack Elbow Rotations
-Behind Neck Press and Stretch
-Narrow Grip Overhead Squats
-Clean Grip Romanian Dead Lifts
-Front Squats
C) Snatch complex warm up: (5 reps of each:
snatch grip RDL,
hang power snatch,
OH squat,
snatch squat press
D) pausing position snatch:
snatch lift off
(pause 2 seconds at contact position above knee)
Snatch . . .

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Hard Core 


In every sport a strong core is needed to be succesful. Especially with CrossFit or The sport of functional Fitness core is essential. Olympic lifts and gymnastics require a great degree of core strength. Even in light weight wods with high repetitions having a strong core that also has a high degree of muscular endurance is needed to insure proper position throughout the reps. 
One primary weapon to achieve this is the GHD. What a magical invention. As an athlete this should be on the top of your list of equipment purchases. This essential piece is nothing short of amazing when it comes to building core strength and muscular endurance. 
Most of our Madathletes warm up with 

50 ghsu

50 ghbe 

Several times a week.  If you are new to this start with 30 reps. 

Get some core strength, level up and watch up the pr’s roll in.