Wild West Wednesday

Ham Drill
Leg Swings
Banded shoulder warm up
A) warm up pace:
5 minutes assault bike
3 rounds for quality
10 kip swings on the pull up bar
10 kiss the walls
10 single leg ddl
B) Barbell Mobility Complex:
1 round = 5 reps each, pausing for 2 seconds at each end range position, of:
-Good Mornings
-Back Squats
-Back Rack Elbow Rotations
-Behind Neck Press and Stretch
-Narrow Grip Overhead Squats
-Clean Grip Romanian Dead Lifts
-Front Squats
C) Snatch Grip RDL :
4 sets 5 @ 75-80% snatch
-as low as possible from standing without back rounding
keeping . . .

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