MAD Athletes Ready for 14.5

Braden Torrez Currently

Braden Torrez Currently 3rd place in the South Central Region.  MAD Athlete

Lots of amazing things happening with MAD Athletes of all levels.  Check the leader board in the right column.  Currently there are 3 mad athletes in the top 50 for the South Central Region and 3 Females in the top 60 of the region.  Keep it up gang.  I think we will have some fun at regionals for sure.  All the athletes are ready to kill it for 14.5.  Check the custom leader board to your right for details on who some of these MAD Athletes are.


Mad monkey jumps

Check out mad athlete Rochelle doing our version of “monkey jumps”.

1 toe 2 bar
1 c2b
1 bar muscle up.

She did 30 for time.


MAD Athletes ready for The Reebok CrossFit Open


MAD Athletes from every region and of every level are preparing for the upcoming season of competitive CrossFit. From Canada to Hawaii, Tennessee, Texas and even Italy are all utilizing MAD Athletes programming to take them to the next level.

They are hitting skills, strengths and wods of every variation and type. Leveling up through nutrition, mobility and skill.

MAD coaches are super pumped for all of these athletes and we will do our best to keep everyone informed of all the amazing accomplishments these athletes achieve.


Leslie Graves – CF Total PR



CrossFit Total today. I have to say I’ve been dreading this all week. My training has been less than ideal over the last month and a half due to a crazy work schedule, holidays and traveling, and I’ve missed some strength sessions because of it. BUT…it wasn’t terrible and I did even manage a small 5 lb PR (310 lbs) on my deadlift and a 20 lb PR on my total. Good training day overall, but still learning just to take training as it goes. Not everyday is a PR day, and in the end it’s just another workout, so why worry?:) #faceyourfears @biggdave @olychad @jgraves278 @crossfitcentex #crossfit #crossfitgirls #deadlift


Tempo for strength



Research has shown (and we have seen it here live), that eccentric loading increases your strength.  It is definitely a top 3 in the secrets to getting stronger.   So, when we are on a strength bias we implement a good deal of tempo movements in our lifts.  Here is a quick little video of Nikki doing a 103×1 (which is my current favorite tempo) followed by a lighter afap set.  We like to incorporate the pause because as two time Olympian Chad Vaughn teaches you have to be comfortable in that “rock bottom” squat position.


Mike Cerbus has taken his tempo lifts to some new levels and it is paying great dividends! Check this tempo he’s working with…


Tempo lifts should definitely be a part of your strength program.



Fun in the Sun…Yes Sun at MADCamp Oahu



Crazy shenanigans at MADCAMP O’ahu!


What a great MADCAMP at CrossFit Oahu.  We had a ton of fun and the amazing athletes who attended went home with some valuable information on how to level up in their fitness programs.  We had beginners, coaches and competitors all learning from the phenomenal coaching and instruction of the MADCAMP coaches.


Michael Tillman had them increasing mobility and realizing that “Tightness inhibits strength”

Dave Durante had all athletes of every level upside down in various handstand poses and techniques.  Special thanks to his wonderful fiancé Sadie who assisted with gymnastics movements and provided some amazing stretchy demos!

Mike Cerbus took the athletes on a highly technical Olympic Lifting journey where each athlete improved technically on the snatch, cleans, and jerks.  Mike also put on a few squatting demos.  This dude is strong.

I helped with how to structure the programs and a few secrets on how to increase your strength pretty quickly.  We all had a ton of fun and learned some great information along the way.

Thank you to CrossFit Oahu for hosting and making us feel right at home.  Plus they told some secret cool places to eat and really amazing things to do while we were visiting the beautiful island of Oahu.   Thanks to Amanda B for helping to organize everything.  She was a great help and a great tour guide.  We look forward to coming back soon with even more info!!


Another MAD Coach

We are pleased to announce another amazing coach to our MAD Athlete Camp!

Mike Cerbus snatchMike Cerbus has competed nationally for 8 years medalling at 3 National Championships and 4 American Open Championships, while also being selected to the United States Pan American Team in 2012. At this event, he earned points to qualify the USA Olympic Team placing 4th during the Olympic Qualification Event in Gautemala. His competitive accomplishments and growth as a coach have been made possible by developing under Senior International Coach Lou DeMarco and spending significant time training at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs under Zygmunt Smalcerz.

Mike is the Oly coach for CrossFit RAW Training and CrossFit SPC both top 5 finishers as teams at the 2012 Games. He has also been able to coach and help program Individual athletes Julianne Broadbent (4th 2013 Central East) & Lisa Shui (12th 2013 Central East). His transition and development into CrossFit as an Oly coach has been strongly influenced by his close friend, the one and only Chad Vaughn. They share the methodology and training principles that will allow for participant to optimize potential and become the most efficient Oly lifter possible.

Mike’s Stats:
*Barbells for Boobs Pro Advocate*
Bodyweight: 77kg/169lbs
Snatch: 140kg/308lbs
C&JK: 165kg/363lbs
Clean: 170kg/374lbs
Rack Jerk: 175kg/385lbs
Backsquat: 241kg/530lbs
Front Squat: 211kg/464lbs

Mike Cerbus Squat


MAD Camp Hawaii Gymnastics Coach

Sean Velas and Dave Durante Main site

Check out your Gymnastics Coach Dave Durante on the CrossFit Main Site (click for

The Athlete Camp in Hawaii will be Dave’s last seminar before he joins CrossFit HQ as one of the head gymnastics coaches. Don’t miss this event!


Dave Durante

Looks like MAD Athlete Training Camp Gymnastics Coach, Dave Durante, will be going to work for CrossFit HQ as a full-time gymnastics Coach right after the MAD Athlete Training Camp in Oahu in December.

If you are on the Islands, then don’t miss this opportunity to work with Dave!


Athlete Training Camp – Hawaii

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