Take Your Fitness To The Next Level

MAD Athlete Training has been building freaks for over a decade. For the first time, you can get access to this innovative training program wherever you train. COMING SOON.

Who is this training designed for?

Competitive CrossFitters

Our unique approach is designed to fill in the gaps of your functional fitness - getting you the strength, skills, and stamina you need to move from local competitions to the world stage.

Military and Law Enforcement

We have experience preparing special operations and a wide variety of military and first responder personnel for the dynamic and critical situations in which they are needed.

Aspiring Athletes

We train top high school, collegiate, and professional athletes to make the most of their off season and to prepare them for the next level of performance.

Some of the Elite Athletes we've trained

Ready to level up? We'll let you know when we launch.

David Tillman

BiggDave has 20 years of experience in physical training. He has been programming functional fitness for over 17 years and opened his first CrossFit affiliate in 2007 - one of the first 100 boxes in the world. Since that time, he has qualified dozens of athletes for Regionals and sent 5 athletes to the CrossFit games.