Accessory work. 


MADAthletes do a significant amount of accessory work.   Why?  Accessory work is a valuable tool that can do several things. 

Primarily, the goal of accessory work is to prevent muscle imbalances and to keep the athlete healthy on every side of the joint in question.  

Over the years we have seen quite a few injuries pop up due to imbalances created by overusing certain muscle groups and underusing opposing muscle groups. Mike Tillman DPT CF-L1 has provided some invaluable insight into many of these issues.   He has aided in coming up with in many cases specific accessory exercises to balance out the joint and keep it healthy.  This also allows for maximal use of the muscles.  

We want our athletes to be ready to perform at a high level.  Healthy balanced and prepared for the unknown and unknowable demands of any sport. 

Before your CrpssFit word or strength session, when you see “frog legs,” that dreaded GHD work, or the shoulder complexes we put in.  Don’t skip them.  They’re significant to your performance and to your ability to perform at 100%.   Level up gang.

– BiggDave 

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