Warmup: Ham drill
Leg swings
banded shoulder warm up

A) Warm up pace:
1 k row. Easy.
50 n 50 ghd
B) barbell Mobility Complex:
1 round = 5 reps each, pausing for 2 seconds at each end range position, of:
-Good Mornings
-Back Squats
-Back Rack Elbow Rotations
-Behind Neck Press and Stretch
-Narrow Grip Overhead Squats
-Clean Grip Romanian Dead Lifts
-Front Squats
C) Snatch complex warm up: (5 reps of each:
snatch grip RDL,
hang power snatch,
OH squat,
snatch squat press
D) pausing position snatch:
snatch lift off
(pause 2 seconds at contact position above knee)
Snatch . . .

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