Individual Programming


The MAD Athlete program is designed to take an athlete from the CrossFit class program and start building intensity and volume. Your personal coach’s goal is to assess the athletes starting level and build the program for the individual based upon their weaknesses and strengths and modify/scale accordingly.

We work with all levels of athletes including

  • Professional CrossFit Athletes
  • Power Lifters
  • CrossFit Athletes wanting to compete at the local level
  • Teen Athletes
  • Athletes prepping for other sports and competitions
  • Box Owners & Coaches

Our goal is to improve your technique, strength and endurance through a program individualized to you and your goals.

Our program utilizes the knowledge of Michael Tillman. Michael is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and CF-L1, CF Mobility, CF Olympic Lifting and CF Nutrition certified. David and Michael work together on the MAD Mobility program. If there is an old injury or tightness, the mobility suggested by Mike Tillman can make all the difference improving lifts or getting stronger.

We have MAD athletes in other countries and states and we utilize video analysis, facebook, texting, voxer and email to keep in constant touch with these athletes. This individualized program REQUIRES feedback in order for the coach to assess and make changes to programming.

MAD Athletes are sometimes local as well and will work out at their box and then make special trips to work directly with their coach.

For more information or to talk directly with a coach, please email