SuperStrong – 8 week Program

SuperStrong is Coach David Tillman’s design for the athlete to level up in dynamic,DSC_0456
powerful, explosive strength. This distinct course includes barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell, sandbags, olympic lifting, atlas stones and sleds to build you as a powerhouse. Programmed by owner and expert head coach, David Tillman, who has over 20 years experience creating results for professional athletes, Olympic Lifters, Power Lifters, weekend warriors, CrossFit athletes and everyone in between.

Deric Maruquin - CrossFit Elite
Deric Maruquin – CrossFit Elite

SuperStrong is a potent program. The time you spend focusing on strength powerfully improves your ability to meet RX requirements with faster times and better technique. Improving your over all performance in turn increases your fitness capabilities globally in the ten areas of fitness CrossFit group classes address. After SuperStrong, see the RX requirements feel easier, increase your limits, improve core stability, and create amazing results!

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