Success of MADCAMP


The first MaDCamp was off the chain amazing!  We had so many athletes level up.  By putting together experts in so many different disciplines and modalities these athlete left with a plan of action to take on the upcoming season of CrossFit Competitions.

Dr. Mike Tillman enlightened us on movement screening and specific patterns that can be used to attack any issues with tight tissues.

Chad and Jodi Vaughn brought some amazing new concepts to assist when working your Olympic Lifts which led to a ton of PR’s that day and since.

Wlad got everyone ready for the water wods, which proved to be very useful in 2 recent competitions where swimming played a huge role in the outcome of the event.

Nik schooled us all on game day nutrition and how to adjust for multiple event days.  Several athletes have seen huge changes since adopting these principles.

I brought out the year round programming cycle to plan your training and level up that fitness.

Carson was the wodmaster and brought out some amazing wods that tested skill, capacity and strength.

It was a huge success and has proven to help numerous athletes make the podium.


So what about MaDCamp II.  We always strive for constant improvement here so we are adding in an area on improved technique and skill during a wod to make you faster.  We are also adding in specifics to ensure that everyone is ready for the open and regionals.  We want you to level up and up again.  Your health and elite fitness is our goal.  We provide innovative techniques for improve your elite competitive fitness.  Sign up today!

Sign up for MaDCamp II  Feb 2 & 3, 2013

Boom.  Lift something heavy today.

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