Weekend Highlights – Team

MAD Athletes Regional 2013What an AMAZING weekend at the 2013 South Central Regional Competition. There were ups and downs and all our hearts broke along with Amanda when she was injured in the 2nd wod of Day 1. The good news to report is that she will not need surgery, but instead will be utilizing physical therapy to get herself back healthy for next year.

CrossFit Cedar Park Team – when we look at the majority of teams, we see them full of professional coaches and athletes. This year, Cedar Park took a team made up of 2 Coaches – Wladi Montoya and Austen Cochren. Rochelle Vance is a middle school teacher and coach, Becca Trower works in management for an apt complex and husband and wife Carl and Kelley Galant. A stay-at-home mom of 3 kids and Carl works lots of hours at an attorney. This team did some incredible work!

Highlights –

  • Wod 1 – Kelley and Carl came in 5th place, beating some very seasoned teams. Carl learned to butterfly not too long ago and Kelley plugged through with kipping pullups.
  • Wod 2 – The overhead squat. Carl PR’d his at 215 and Austen at 275. Wlad hit 235. The ladies hit exactly what they planned to come in 4th on this workout at 1210lbs.
  • Wod 3 – Kelley got through her mups and Becca got her very first! One of the most inspiring moments of the entire weekend for us!
  • Wod 4 – Austen flew through this wod and Rochelle was the leg and she smashed those dumbbell snatches with ease.
  • Wod 6 – As another team struggled to make it across the line, Becca’s lunges didn’t even have a pause in the middle. She took a couple of breaths and lunged across the floor with ease – after flying through her axle bar push press.
  • Wod 7 – most of our athletes flew up the rope, but if you’ve been to CFCP, the one thing the building lacked with tall ceilings. They practice rope climbs in the park. That extra couple of feet on the ropes took its toll, but they moved fast.

There were only 2 people on the team with competition experience (Wladi and Ro). It was phenomenal for this team to place 10th overall, beating many veteran teams. It is amazing to me that two athletes on this team don’t have the ability to be coached or work with Coach David Tillman on a regular basis. They have gotten to this level through the programming that he writes for CrossFit Cedar Park’s class clients.

Tomorrow I will highlight the men’s competition.



“MadAthlete Camp was the single best thing I did this year to help me improve my overall athletic abilities!” – Damon Phillips

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