Winning Weekend!

Congratulations to CrossFit Cedar Park Team and Coach BiggDave for winning – The Fittest Games

Deric Maruquin for winning 2nd Place – The Fittest  Games

Blaine Springston from CrossFit Centex came in 7th place – The Fittest Games

Wesley Sun Chee Fore from CrossFit Lafayette came in 16th place – The Fittest Games

Amanda Schwartz from CrossFit Premier – 4th Place Wodapalooza Miami

Damon Phillips from DSP CrossFit came in 4th Place Masters  Division – The Fittest Games

Melody Crow from Off-Base CrossFit Del Rio came in 11th Place Amateur Women – The Fittest Games

Steven Velkovski from CrossFit Centex – 21st place – The Fittest Games







LeeAnn Fuller and Stacie Wood from CrossFitCentex team – The Fittest  Games

Andre Sun Chee Fore CrossFit Lafayette Team – The Fittest Games







Donna Bourgeois and Kristian Montoya from Bayou City  CrossFit Team – The Fittest Games


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